brandy eckhardt

Meet Brandy Eckhardt, bookkeeper at – nanny

Years of experience balancing ledgers in the financial services industry may have provided Brandy the technical skills to maintain the books at, but we think her time as a nanny may have more benefit to tracking the crazy fast pace of work here in the shop.
Because we buy and place digital media across a wide range of platforms and provide a broad list of services, invoicing your media buys and management fees is complex. Brandy makes certain that when you receive your billing statements they are clear, accountable and transparent. She focuses on the financial details so the rest of our team can concentrate on meeting your key performance indicator goals.
A self described Skateboard Mom – think Soccer Mom but with kids and a husband on skateboards – she’s used to following high speed action. With hyper attention to detail processing invoices, maintaining data files and helping keep track of the ever changing digital universe, Brandy keeps cohort’s financials tidy, organized and accurate, helping provide less stress in managing operations.