chris callahan

Meet Chris Callahan, digital campaign manager at campaign manager

If you’ve ever sat down at a digital dashboard you know it can be paralyzing. Will you break it if you turn this knob, will your campaign go dark if you turn that knob? It can be pretty terrifying.

After 15 years of playing in the PPC and digital field, Chris has the experience to know what he can do and change without screwing things up, and the courage to fearlessly tweak all the levers in a campaign to maximize your returns. To do that well is really complex. There are so many moving parts.

Chris looks at your campaign holistically, as a puzzle to be solved. And the exciting and frightening part is that there’s no simple set of metrics that apply to every campaign. What drives a conversion in one case is much different than what drives a conversion in another –that’s what keeps Chris fascinated in what he does – obsessively optimizing your campaigns to make certain we’re obtaining your KPIs.


Google Ads Display Certification, Google Ads Search Certification, Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google Ads Video Certification and Google Ads Shopping Certification, Facebook Blueprint Certification, Bing Ads Accredited Professional