jennifer anderson

Meet Jennifer Anderson, senior account manager at account manager

A classic oldest child, Jennifer is driven to perfection. A southern girl at heart, she is always polite, though not afraid to be direct to help clients find a better solution.

A tinkerer from childhood, she has always sought out ways to enhance things that are good to make them better. An industrial designer by degree, she learned to create, modify and evolve designs to improve their functionality.

Jennifer takes that same approach with her account relationships. Working with clients to define a problem, and then working with the team to design a marketing solution. She fixates on finding a solution.

Build a plan that’s good, and make it better. Her description of happiness is when a plan runs seamlessly and accomplishes her client’s marketing goals.

Back to that oldest child thing, Jennifer tends to put pressure on herself and her teams to succeed for our clients. She takes work much too seriously to accept failure, but that’s not to say she doesn’t find ways to have fun on the job, and finding ways to help you enjoy your relationship with cohort. Never satisfied – always seeking a better solution – helping you achieve your marketing goals.