more than a decade of digital 

The cohort crew came together as the digital team of a decades old, full-service agency. We’ve spent nearly a decade honing our digital marketing skills together. That’s allowed us to develop a business practice that strips away the fat and fixates on helping you generate the results that you need.  

Meet the cohort.digital team.

Our team focuses solely on digital strategy and digital media placements. That focus ensures that we are fully immersed in all things digital, all the time. We’re always thinking ahead and bringing the best digital solutions to the table. We’re real people doing great work, not bots and algorithms.

Buying digital media isn’t hard. But efficiently and effectively buying digital media is. We don’t settle with providing results that are in line with industry averages – we’re constantly exceeding those, and continually competing to beat what we did last time, every time. We optimize your digital media buys obsessively using a combination of both art and science.  

We work proactively with our partners to provide the insights they need for initial ad creation. After campaign launch or limited testing, we’re able to use performance data to help creative teams understand what ads really hit the mark, what calls-to-action were most effective and what the data shows is most likely to generate targeted website traffic. Our data focus is on people, not demos. That approach makes certain we’re helping your team find true resonance. 

Our insights won’t stop at the ad creative. We also help creative and strategy teams think through their websites and landing pages to ensure we’re sending ad traffic to the best user experience possible. By using and understanding your data, we help you tell a compelling story and create actionable, trackable conversions.

campaign experience

Combined we’ve got nearly 30 years of digital marketing experience. Is digital even that old yet? This is a partial list of campaign goals we’ve achieved with our clients:

  • Lead generation
  • Employee recruitment
  • Demand generation
  • Brand awareness

industry experience

We have worked with a wide variety of clients, from ad agencies to client industries, and have experience running both B2B and B2C campaigns. Following are a few of the industries in which we’ve had real world success:

  • Public Service/Public Health
  • Recruitment
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Economic Development
  • Professional Services

The process cohort.digital uses to build our digital marketing strategies works regardless of the industry we’re working within. Each plan is unique to the agency, business and campaign, but the process we use to get there is consistent. We help companies improve their digital marketing efforts. 


  1. Dig into the details to really understand your challenge and its parameters
  2. Get to know your audience
  3. Determine key performance indicators and how we will measure performance
  4. Develop a plan for success
  5. Launch plan, track performance, optimize and modify
  6. Transparently report and provide insights

who we work with

cohort.digital is designed to complement our clients’ marketing efforts – whether we’re working with an advertising agency, a business’ in-house marketing department, or directly on behalf of a business. We operate as an extension of their team focused solely on their digital marketing. 

We work with fellow marketing agencies and web development firms to compliment their services offerings as white label partners. Our team can provide the digital skill sets they don’t retain on their payroll. This allows them to provide even more value to their existing clients and grow their revenue streams.