jen reynolds

Meet Jen Reynolds, an account manager at manager

Support is a superpower. Or at least it feels that way when Jen provides it. With a passion for helping people, Jen embodies the truth that kindness is a strength. 

In an industry where things can be busy and bustling, she brings clarity, organization, and calm. Combine that with 13+ years experience managing accounts, marketing projects, and offices in general–clients feel the benefits of Jen’s attention to detail and thoughtfulness.

Jen is driven by a client-first philosophy: What role can we take to make things easier for you and help you to be better at what you’re doing? She makes certain clients and the cohort team receive the highest level of service and care.

Above and beyond her account service work, one of her greatest gifts is anticipating needs. Jen cares about her work, fostering relationships first. This shines through in the thoughtful touches she provides, where her clients are people, not “accounts.”

Jen views her role at work and as a Mom of three as an opportunity to model integrity: always doing what she promises she will do and being willing to do the same work she’d ask of another. Ultimately we’re all in this together.

Outside of work, Jen loves to cook, bake, read, and hike. Any time she can, she supports local, whether that’s antiquing, attending local vendor’s markets, or exploring hidden gems around Kansas with her family.