yvonne callahan

Meet Yvonne Callahan, digital campaign manager at cohort.digital.digital campaign manager

In her early career at a book store, Yvonne learned that by thoroughly backgrounding her customers’ reading preferences, she could forecast what they would read next, and make recommendations to support that. Similarly, she’s discovered that by thoroughly researching your audiences, she can forecast what media channels will most likely engage them.

Yvonne spends her days researching, launching, optimizing and reporting your digital marketing campaigns. Her goal is to make certain we help your campaigns achieve your KPIs.

Quiet and thoughtful by nature, Yvonne finds joy in evolutionary learning. Every day brings new nuggets of knowledge in a rapid and constantly changing medium. A research geek, she celebrates when she discovers a data trend that supports a positive shift in a campaign. Detail oriented, organized – lots of notes and Post Its – digital insights, but she likes putting pen to paper – BTW, her preferred weapon is the Pilot Easy Touch.

Yvonne’s crystal ball for future marketing trends – wearables as a primary ad delivery device and not far off, serving ads on your refrigerator and other smart devices – reach audiences where they are engaging!