video advertising

We help establish top-of-mind awareness for your brand by getting your video in front of your target audience as they’re streaming their favorite video content online. 

Whether it’s Facebook, Youtube or one of the many streaming video/Connect TV platforms, people are spending more and more time consuming video content online. It feels a lot like TV and provides a great opportunity to tell your brand’s story, but it’s infinitely more trackable than broadcast or cable TV. We can provide the data showing how many people were exposed to your video ad, how much of it they viewed, and whether they clicked on your call to action.

What’s included in our video advertising services?

  • Build targeting and bidding strategy
  • Provide call to action recommendations
  • Ad placements and management on Youtube, Connected TV, Google Display Network & through programmatic partners
  • Daily campaign optimization
  • 24/7 access to reporting dashboards
  • Monthly campaign insights

If you want to establish top-of-mind awareness for your brand online, give a call or send us a note. We will review your current strategy and campaign performance for free, and provide insights on what’s working and what could be improved.

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