kat keyes

Meet Kat Keyes, senior account manager to cohort.digital.senior account manager

In a sometimes chaotic industry, Kat works to bring a calm to the table. Communicating, following through and getting clients more than they expect, when they expect it.

Coming from a long line of caregivers, it’s no surprise that she notes her core values as connecting and communicating with people in a meaningful way. Couple that with 15-years experience guiding account relationships and you’ll find Kat an ideal account leader.

Driven by the mantra of helping you create campaigns that communicate truth and authenticity, Kat makes certain your consumers are the hero of your brand.

She talks with, rather than to, you and our digital teams to make certain that you receive the greatest value from our collective experience.

Kat views her role as an account leader – challenged by meeting or exceeding both her clients’, and her team’s expectations.

She’s not a go-between, but a conduit between you and the cohort.digital team. Her gift is “understanding all sides.” She takes complex concepts or experiences and distills them down into the parts and pieces relevant to the individual she’s in front of. Providing efficient and clear communication for a streamlined client experience.