melissa white

Meet Melissa White, digital marketing manager at marketing manager

Melissa is the most frugal person we know. It’s not just about saving money, it’s about getting the best results for your investment. We wanted flowers at the office, so rather than run out and buy them, she grew them.

That way we got the plants most likely to do well in our environment, and in colors that fit our space.  That’s how she approaches your digital marketing plan. It’s not what is easiest, or cheapest, but what will generate the best results related to your goals. That’s why Melissa has built channels that allow her to maximize control of your display campaigns. Her placements are more refined, closer to your real audience and without the layers of commissions you might spend with other services.

The other trait of Melissa’s that is important to you is her competitive nature. But she’s not so much competitive with others as she is competitive with herself – she endlessly strives to improve the metrics of every campaign over the last campaign – generating better results – more effectively for you.


Marketing Automation Certified, Google Ads Search Certification, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google Ads Display Certification, Snapchat Advertising Core Certification, Facebook Blueprint Certification