alissa menke

Meet Alissa Menke, founder and chief digital strategist at – founder

Okay, her business cards say – chief digital strategist, owner

A tall girl from a small town. Alissa has never been inconspicuous. She’s not like everyone else, and she doesn’t try to be. She’s fearless. She’s been known to go climb a mountain, hike the Grand Canyon or explore the back roads of Cuba. That trait is important in a field that evolves everyday, there is no path to follow. You have to blaze your own trail, get lost, and find your way – quickly.

It was with that same sense of fearlessness that Alissa decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of opening her own digital firm, during a pandemic. Well, the dream didn’t include the pandemic, but you know what we meant. She knew it would be critical to build a nimble team. One that could execute, pivot, relaunch and evolve, sometimes almost daily as the marketing universe continues to change.

Alissa’s an athlete. She believes that not only should you win, but you should win big! Like that time she was part of the team trying to bring Google Fiber to Topeka. The team had city government rename Topeka, Google, and for one day, Google renamed itself Topeka.

Like most athletes her goal is to establish dominance. Her goal for her clients is to help them establish digital dominance in their business space. That’s one of Alissa’s attractions to digital marketing, there’s a scoreboard. You know who’s winning. You also know when you need to change plays or modify your game plan. Alissa is passionate about coaching. Developing the strategy behind your campaign – helping your cohort team execute – and helping your brand dominate the digital space.