megan mcavay

Meet Megan McAvay, digital media buyer for media buyer

Have you ever known someone who perfectly strikes the balance between easy-going and competitive? Between the creative and the methodical? We have! And that someone is Megan.

Megan’s career spans business, marketing, technology, and client service. This mixture of experiences makes her a natural fit at providing nimble campaigns with strategically layered targeting to meet your KPIs and beat her campaign results from the day before.

She spends her days estimating, managing, optimizing and reporting your digital marketing campaigns. Megan challenges herself daily to see which ads are rising to the top and optimizes based on highest performance, conversion, or progress toward campaign goals.

Outside of work she’s mostly likely to be found–well–outside. She’s with her family riding bikes, working in the yard, boating, fishing, playing with animals, or just soaking up sunshine. Her kids are her greatest passion, and she works every day to model kindness, integrity, and a value for learning.

The marketing trend of the future Megan both fears and predicts – ads so highly targeted they’re delivered following facial recognition. Spooky!