A little get together

More than once we’ve touted the virtues of working from home. So as you may know, at cohort.digital we’re a 100% remote operation. Our experience has been increased workplace productivity, reduced overhead costs, improved work/life balance and flexibility, higher employee morale, and as a result higher employee retention rates.

While it is both on-brand for us as a digital company and works for us in practice, that’s not to say remote work isn’t without its challenges. Over time we’ve had to implement changes such as scheduling “face to face” virtual meetings instead of relying on email or Slack, and really clarifying our roles and processes. While we know there will always be room for enhanced processes, sometimes nothing helps you pull things together better than, well–getting together. So in October, our team did just that.

In most cases you’ll have particular events and conversions you want to track to determine The takeaway: it may be more accurate to say that at cohort.digital, we’re more like a 95% remote operation. And we endorse that.

Go Forth. Go Digital.