Got grants & RFPs on your resolution list? We can help!

No matter how many times you’ve done it, grant writing or responding to RFPs can be an invigorating process full of stress, hard work, and hope. You’re answering that call because the available funds could make a difference in the work you do and people you serve, or you can help to meet the needs of the organization you’re responding to. With so much on the line, it makes sense to use the resources at your disposal to create the strongest presentation possible.

strengthen your proposals with data

So how can digital help? 

With the right information, your proposal goes from an ask for dollars to a statement of value based on the anticipated results of your public awareness campaign. In your grant proposal you can quantify the number of times you’ll reach the right audience with the budget you’re asking for. In addition to the specifics of your situation, we can provide language that makes a case for the efficacy of digital media over traditional media and how making that investment can reach more of the right people for less money.  

Let’s say you’re a community based organization providing critical social services in your area. The only thing stopping you from helping your prospective clients is that they don’t know you’re available to them. Grantor’s sometimes anticipate or even require budgets for public awareness and education. Enter the power of digital media. 

Maybe you offer a service to members of your community, so long as they live within a specific county or mileage radius. Your goals are two-pronged; to get people to your website so they know about you when they need you, and for anyone interested right now to fill out a form to sign up. You have a set budget and timeframe that the awareness messaging will be publicized. You should be able to include the following metrics and specifics in your grant proposal:

  • The digital platforms recommended based on where your target audience spends the most time on the internet. You can make a case here that you’re more effectively reaching your target audience, because you’re selecting the platforms they are actively using.
  • The number of impressions you can expect to receive per platform. Essentially, this is the number of times people will see your message for that specified budget and time frame.
  • The number of clicks you can expect to your website. Translated as the number of times people who saw your message decided to take further action and interact with your site.
  • Side Note: Sometimes clients don’t have a budgeted amount in mind, but ask for help determining what that budget should be. We’ll never tell you to spend more than is warranted. If we know your region, audience, and goals, we can help you determine ideal budget levels based on the reach and engagement you’d like to achieve.

In most cases you’ll have particular events and conversions you want to track to determine The tOf course we’d love to help you with your campaign goals, we love working with organizations helping to make the world better. Even if you don’t ultimately work with us–and we mean this–reach out and we’ll help you with that proposal. If it means you stand a better chance of winning funds that help you do more good work in the world – we want to see you win.

Go Forth. Go Digital.