Our Favs from 2021

If 2021 had a motto for the year, it would likely be “Thank God this isn’t 2020!” Which is to say we’ve worked our way through this year with cautious optimism for good things ahead. In 2022 we hope to see economic conditions and manufacturing chains move toward recovery, and to transition out of a pandemic and into an endemic. All in all–we’re looking forward to next year with hopes of entering some kind of new “normal.”

You’re in for countless scholars, writers, political scientists, and reality TV stars about to wax poetic about the items above, so we’ll save you from our non-expert musings. Instead, we wanted to share favorite digital, advertising, and viral moments our team loved from the past year.

Bernie’s Mittens

“This was my favorite viral moment from 2021. It had legs that lasted well past its original date and I still chuckle when I see it.” – Melissa

Marie Callender’s Response to Sharon

“My pick for best digital marketing tactic for 2021 was Marie Callender’s graceful customer service response to a customer’s snarky Facebook post on their page. Their pumpkin pie didn’t turn out as intended so they blamed Marie Callender for ruining Thanksgiving dessert. A simple, polite apology by the Marie Callender team opened the door for an online army of brand champions to point out all the ways the burnt pie and ruined Thanksgiving was completely not their fault.  A month out from Thanksgiving and the trolling of the burnt pie post has not stopped. The amount of positive exposure the Marie Callender brand has received from this is priceless. I hope they tracked down Sharon (the original snarky poster) and gave her a couple of free pies!” – Alissa

Snickers’ First Visitor Commercial

“If an ad is laugh out loud funny and I want to search it out to watch it again, they’ve done a great job. Snickers created something most people could relate to after living through this pandemic together. It was relatable, connecting, and funny – win/win/win.” – Kat

Theragun Percussive Therapy Device Remarketing Campaign

“I follow an English soccer player, Trent Alexander-Arnold, who plays for Liverpool, on Facebook and Instagram. He includes sponsored posts for Theragun, a sports massager contraption. I am not athletic, will never purchase this item, and have never clicked on an ad. However, Theragun has figured out a way to remarket their product to me anyway. Now, in my social feeds, I get individual ads for Theragun, and also sponsored posts from other famous athletes trying to spread the word about this product. This includes posts by soccer players I do not like (I’m looking at you, Cristiano Ronaldo), and by athletes who play sports I will never follow (American football? Really?). So even though I have no intention of ever purchasing a Theragun, their digital marketing strategy has impressed me tremendously this year. Although their targeting wasn’t exactly right, Theragun’s branding campaign was fantastic.” – Yvonne

Tik Tok

“I love that Tik Tok is emerging as a great way for brands to interact authentically with users. Tik Tok is great for non-sales touches. This platform is initially primarily a reach and awareness engine. However, once Tik Tok starts collecting a data history with its onsite tracking pixel, we have enough information to automate for conversions. The difference between performance is night and day. Tik Tok also tells you how to market by what is viral on the site. Grab a hot sound, put together your video content in their builder and begin targeting your message. I love a social platform where it is clear how to message and how it can be delivered” – Chris

Wishing you wellness, health, and prosperity in the coming year!

Go forth. Go digital.